Corona Stars Gym - An excellent program at affordable pricing!

For all classes, the maximum is five 
athletes to one coach.

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 About Us
Our program is structured to help build your tumbling skills; whether you are a beginner working on your cart-wheel, or you are trying to master your back handspring, back tuck, layout, or full!  We have a  20  foot air tumble track, a full size spring floor, and a full size "dead mat" floor! 

Current Schedule
(Additional classes will be added or changed if needed!)

5:00PM - 6:00PM,Beginning Tumbling

6:00PM - 7:00PM, Handsprings / Tucks

4:00PM - 5:00PM, Beginning Tumbling 
5:00PM - 6:00PMBeginning Tumbling / Handsprings
6:00PM - 7:00PM, Tucks and Layouts

6:00PM - 7:00PM, Walkover / Handspring

8:00AM - 9:00AM, All Level Tumbling

When you register, you are required to pay the registration, first month's, and last month's tuition.
Registration: $50.00
Monthly Tuition 1 day a Week: $70.00
Monthly Tuition 2 days a Week: $120.00 (A $20 Savings!)
Monthly Tuition 3 Days a Week: $160.00 (A $50 Savings!)

Money due at time of registration will be:
-1st Month Tuition
-Last Month Tuition 

Make-up Classes
If a student was unable to attend one of their classes due to being sick, or prior engagements, they can make up ONE gymnastics class. It must be made up the same month that they miss.

Appropriate Attire
T-shirt/tank top, shorts, leotard, socks, hair in high pony tail or bun.

Our program is month to month.   The monthly fee is due on the 1st of each month.  If a payment is declined, the credit card company automatically attaches a $25.00 late fee, and continues to bill the card.  After 7 days without payment, the account will be referred to collections.  If a payment isn't received or declined, after 7 days, your account is placed on hold and  the athlete will be unable to attend the class until payment / late fees are paid and the account is current.

You must give notice, when dropping from a class.  The notice must be given 7 days  before the end of the month, prior to the last month attended.  (For example, if you  gave your notice on May 12th, June would be your last month.  If you gave your notice on May 30th, July would be your last month, since it was not 7 days prior to the end of the month the notice was given.)   All Drop notices must be done, in person, at the Corona Stars office.  Only the original Parent(s) / Legal Guardian, who originally registered the student, may give the drop notice.

If you have more then one child in the program, deduct $5 off the monthly tuition for each additional child.

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